Tutor: A Handbook for Tutorial Programs

Tutor, a handbook for tutorial programs published by Book-Lab, Inc., describes how tutors can help children learn to read. It discusses the roles of Tutor, Collaboration, Execution, and Self-advocacy. It provides examples of successful tutoring methods and includes helpful checklists for evaluating a tutorial program. It also highlights important factors to consider in selecting a […]

Create a Small Kindness in the Neighborhood Girls Circle Tutorial Program

As a parent, there are several things you can do as a family to minimize waste. Creating a small kindness in the neighborhood can be done by listening to others, recycling items, and planting a vegetable garden. If you are a parent, consider these tips for helping your daughter create a small kindness in her […]

A Tutorial Introduction to the Programming Language B

Using a tutorial to learn a new programming language can be beneficial, but if you have no prior knowledge of the language, this article can give you the basics. This article focuses on the basics of B, including how to create a variable, use variables, and use vectors. It also includes chapters on functions, types […]

A Tutorial on Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell

Parallel and concurrent programming in Haskell can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the language, so this tutorial will help you learn to use skeletons and threads to structure your code. I’ll also touch on the use of nest and the lazy evaluation strategy. And of course, the book will include a chapter on […]

A Tutorial on Stochastic Programming by Shapiro

A tutorial on stochastic programming by Shapiro provides an overview of the basic ideas of this popular technique. This book focuses on multistage stochastic optimization, with particular emphasis on a certain point of view. While it does not provide a comprehensive overview of the subject, the book does present many of the more technical details. […]

Can You Use Unity Tutorials With No Programming Experience?

If you’ve never programmed before, you may be wondering: can you use Unity tutorials with no programming experience? First of all, you need to understand what object-oriented programming is. C# is the only language supported by Unity. Luckily, there are many Visual scripting plug-ins that will help you learn C# quickly and easily. After learning […]