Are Old Programming Tutorials Any Good?

Programming tutorials are one of the most addictive ways to learn, but are they any good? Is this problem solved? And what about the others? Are old tutorials any better than new ones? Read on to find out. We all want to learn something new, right? Well, the answer depends on your preferences. If you’re an adult, you may want to avoid tutorials for children, as they tend to be too juvenile and don’t teach you the basic concepts of programming.

Programming tutorials are a solved problem

In programming, we are dealing with a variety of hefty frameworks and libraries. This requires time to learn and use, making it difficult to pick up a language on the job. Programming tutorials provide a holistic approach to programming by providing quick introductions to the language for beginners and deep dives into specific topics for experienced users. It is not only a useful skill to have for the future, but also to boost your creative thinking and job prospects.

They are addictive

If you’ve ever wished that you could duplicate the information contained in a programming tutorial, you may be a little bit jealous. It’s a very attractive idea, right? You can replicate the material you have already learned in an infinite number of ways, with no extra cost. And the best thing about computer programming tutorials? They can be used infinitely. Moreover, they’re free! You can download and duplicate them as many times as you want.

They are not a good way to learn

Tutorials are great for getting a beginner started, but you should always try to write your own programs to practice new concepts. Start with a simple idea and build it from there. At first, you’ll struggle to understand the concepts and will end up using Google every 5 minutes to try to figure out what to do next. But with perseverance and time, you’ll be able to get the hang of writing code and finishing your first project.