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No Replacing the Personal Touch

Now that we’re about 25 years into the communication revolution and artificial intelligence has become the focus of the technology sector, predictions abound that faultless automated translation and interpretation systems will soon obviate the need to speak different languages and voice recognition technology will replace the tasks of typing, writing, and even reading. No doubt…


What Does Good Blended Learning Look Like?

During the past few years, blended learning has been hailed by schools worldwide as everything from the future of education to the conduit that will finally make true differentiated instruction a reality. And it is not all hype: the best blended-learning programs truly can move away from the lecture-based instructional model many of us grew…


Western Australia Digitizes Indigenous Languages

The Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre has launched a series of four immersive apps produced in the Digital Innovation Hub the center has established with the funding. Designed to preserve the Pilbara region’s Indigenous languages, culture, and history, the apps communicate traditional stories and knowledge with a unique Indigenous perspective. The app technology brings…