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Rebuilding a Diverse Edustructure

For some Americans, the federal government investing a single dime in education is considered an overreach of power and an insult to the Constitution, which lays out that the responsibility for all functions not assigned to the federal government, like education, remains with the states. However, over the last few decades, there has been a…


Diverse Reasons for Optimism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez As we start a new year, it’s usually a good time to reflect upon the progress and shortfalls of the previous year while planning what we can hope to achieve in the coming year. However, this year is starting with a federal government shutdown, a crisis at the border (see p. 9), and…


Speaking of the Ice Age

University of Virginia linguistic anthropologist Mark A. Sicoli and colleagues are applying the latest technology to an ancient mystery: how and when early humans inhabited the New World. New research, which uses “big data” techniques to analyze more than 100 linguistic features, suggests complex patterns of contact and migration among the early peoples who first…