Lead with Languages & Get a Free Multilingual Baby Book

February 2018 is Lead with Languages Advocacy Month. Throughout this month, we will be celebrating the successes of language advocates from around the country, and we encourage you to share how you are encouraging language learning using #LangMag and #LeadWithLanguages
At Language Magazine, we believe that every child deserves the opportunities offered by speaking multiple languages, so we are offering all public and community-funded preschools in California a free copy of Levi’s Book of Barnyard Animals – the perfect tool to help speakers of other languages instill multilingualism in young children. This 6″ x 6″ board book also enables monolingual parents and teachers to open children’s minds to new and heritage languages. It even comes with downloadable audio files, so you don’t have to worry about pronunciation. 
Together, we’re creating a new generation of Americans competent in other languages and cultures and fully equipped to compete and succeed in a global economy.
The first step to realizing that dream is the introduction of additional languages to babies and toddlers just as their cognition systems are developing.
Preschool administrators can request their completely free copy (no shipping/packing charges) by email to [email protected]
Additional copies can be ordered at https://www.languagemagazine.com/levis-books/

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