Dónde Votar

Google Trends, which tracks the use of search terms, tweeted this morning that “Dónde Votar” was the top trending search on Google, spiking by more than 3,000%. Within an hour of the tweet, Priorities USA Action, a Democrat super PAC, translated its voter mobilization ads online to Spanish, specifically for voters in Arizona and Florida.
This election cycle, Priorities USA Action has focused its efforts on improving digital advertising in support of Democrats. The group had not planned to run voter resource ads on Election Day but changed its plan when it found that Google was providing English search results to the Spanish term “dónde votar.”
The group’s digital ad, which showed up on Google, directed voters in Spanish to IWillVote.com, the Democratic National Committee’s bilingual website that allows voters to find out whether they are registered and to find their polling place.

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